Sportsmans Dinners

Exceeding your expectations

As your Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies I will:

Receive and direct your guests to the main reception.

Announce the meal and direct guests to their places.

Propose and announce any Toasts and Speeches.

Assist with presentations.

Close the formal proceedings.


Sports award winners

We are a nation of sports lovers, football, boxing, rugby, athletics, tennis.  The list is endless.

Because you have taken the time and a great deal of effort in choosing your speaker or celebrity why not take your event to the next level and allow me as your Master of Ceremony  to run your prestigious event from beginning to end.

The sight of my red coat will become a point of contact not only for your guests but also for members of the organising committee should there be any last minute hiccups.

Because each event is unique and different in its own way,  I do not come with any preconceived ideas.  I am there to help, assist and perhaps advise, it's your event and I will run it in a manner that everyone, hopefully will enjoy.

Prior to attending at your event I will liaise with you, take on board your wishes and instructions and then transfer these wishes and instructions into a fantastic evenings entertainment.

I as your professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies  will take the stress away from you,  providing you and your guests with a fantastic and memorable evening.