Corporate Functions

Exceeding your expectations

As your Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies I will:

Act as linkman at your event.

Announce any exhibitions.

Commentate on your product demonstration or launch, plus assist in a  host of other duties that you may require. 

Christmas event at Bury Football Club

At Bury Football Club.

Corporate event master of ceremonies


Product launches, Business awards, Annual employee of the year awards and a host of other events ceremonies  require a crystal clear direction in order for the event to make the impact that you so want it to.   These events can be one of the best ways to build your profile and enhance your brands image.

Your existing employees through no fault of thier own may not necessarily  be right for the role of compare, or Master of Ceremonies  and it could be unfair to place your employees in such a position.  This is not everyone's idea of a good night out.

I as your corporate Master of Ceremonies  will take hold of your event with both hands and together we would plan, discuss and hopefully produce an event that will not only enhance your brand image but also make your employees proud to belong to an organisation that cares.

Prior to your event happening I will liaise with you as many times as you feel it is necessary to do so in order that " all bases "  are covered and that any strict timings are adhered to. 

By employing my services you will be able to ensure you and your brand will have created a positive enegry for all those that have been present at your event. 


Twin Town commemorations







Twin Town commemorations held at Rochdale Town Hall - celebrating the twining of Rochdale and Tourcoing