About Michael

Exceeding your expectations

All of my working life has been spent in the public domain where I was able to mix with people from various walks of life, all of which has provided me with the ability to interact and understand people.

As the proud father of two wonderful daughters, both of whom are now married I completely understand the need for everything to be " just so "  when it come to that "special day ".  This is why I will treat your wedding day, your charity event or whatever event it is that you are celebrating as if the event was for my daughters. 

Weddings, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Corporate and Charity events, Sportsmans Dinners each event is unique. 

As a graduate from  the UK School of Professional Toastmasters  I have the knowledge to be able to take care of your special event leaving you to fully enjoy the day. 

I am "the man in the red coat ",  "the point of contact ",  " the soother of nerves ".Master of Ceremonies and Toastmaster

Whatever your event I will be there quietly  guiding and advising and making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and on time. 

Take a look at my Facebook page MB Toastmaster for the latest photographs

For your peace of mind I hold public liabilty insurance for £5M. 

At your service


Your Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies